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Do You Know Your DiSC® Style?

If you do, then you have a tremendous advantage in understanding how to inspire and influence others.  What is a DiSC® style?  Simply put, your style is the way other people see you behave.  It’s your pattern of responses to people and the environment.  

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What's Important About Behavior?

Behavior is what a person does; it is the other expression of a person’s life.  Every day each one of us does many things that affect our home, workplace and relationships.  These behaviors represent the decisions, practices and actions we make as individuals or as members of a group.  Behavior is observable, flexible and based on our environment. 

DiSC® Begins with Self-Awareness

Your self-awareness of your behaviors when you are with people and the environment you are experiencing.  It helps you to develop a knowing or an awareness of SOS – Self, Others, and Situations. 

Your natural style has many sources, including your genes, background, education, and work experience.  Over the years, it has been shaped by ongoing feedback.  

Three factors that help you to understand your style are:


How willing are you to accept you as you are.  We tend to be critical of ourselves and need to continually remind ourselves there is no good or bad style; there are only differences or preferences between people.


It is equally important to understand and accept your values, attitudes and any given situation to help determine your motivations, feelings and actions.


DiSC® is a discovery tool and is used to help you make better choices of how and when to adapt depending on the other person and the situation.

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