What is The Everything DiSC® Train-the-Trainer Program?

This workshop is your opportunity to gain foundational knowledge about Everything DiSC and successfully bring this solution into your organization.

Everything DiSC Train-the-Trainer program is training that combines online pre-work and engaging facilitation with follow-up material to create a personalized learning experience.

Who Should Attend?

Trainers, Human Resource Professionals, Coaches and Consultants who want to become more knowledgeable and confident to conduct training and coaching sessions.

Why Attend this Program? Because you want to: 

  • Gain insight into behavioral styles and how they impact others
  • Develop a plan to improve leadership effectiveness
  • Help individuals improve their performance
  • Work with team members to improve collaboration and innovation
  • Develop a training program to meet the needs of a team or department
  • Want people to learn and apply the concepts of DiSC®
  • Encourage inclusive and respective behaviors in the organization
  • Work with leaders to develop strategies to include strengths of DiSC styles

Benefits YOU Will Enjoy by Attending This Program: 

  • Become the DiSC champion for your organization
  • Interpret the Everyday DiSC® assessment with confidence
  • Using the model and tools to meet workplace objectives
  • Improving employee performance and productivity
  • Know specific communication strategies to use with each DiSC style
  • Handle FAQ's about the report and DiSC styles with confidence
  • Incorporate DiSC activities in workshops or meetings
  • Creating a culture of DiSC to reduce conflict and increase respect
  • Access to a complete Everything DiSC Application Suite of tools
  • Able to conduct a training session using workbook materials and our customizable power point presentation

What Does the DiSC® Train-the-Trainer Include?

The course begins with a personal online Everything DiSC® profile which provides first-hand experience with the assessment and the results and includes:

  • Catalyst™ DiSC Profile
  • Power Point and Handouts to customize a DiSC workshop or meeting
  • Access to the Everything DiSC suite of assessments and tools
  • EPIC account to assign links, branded with your company logo
  • Exam and DiSC Certificate as Trained Facilitator


You will receive these Sample Reports:

  • Facilitator's Report - identify the culture and individual styles of the group/team
  • Team View Reportsee at a glance the individual styles of the group/team


  • Everything DiSC Comparison Report – compares styles of two individuals who have completed any of the Everything DiSC Profiles
  • Quarterly Webinars – that include topics such as leadership, training tips, Everything DiSC profiles, 363 for Leaders and more