Everyday DiSC®

What's My Style?

Here are a few tendencies of each style.  With just a few hints,  see if you can determine your style or someone else’s. 

D - or Dominance

Variety in the type of work they do is critical for people who like to plan and who can’t do the same task for hours on end.  “D”’s are big picture risk takers.  Their communication style is direct, and they will share their opinion on an issue without hesitation.  You will notice they like to work with little or no supervision. This style is at their best when they can be seen as the leader.  

i - or influence

Influencers are intuitive people who can discern the undercurrent of what’s going on in a situation.  They seemingly change direction as they feel their way to work cohesively with others.  They are highly visual list makers, and need the right tools to get their work done.  They are easily bored by repetition and thrive on challenging the status quo.  People enjoy working with this style because they are free spirited and most often willing to take risks.

S - or Steadiness

The Steadiness style is highly organized, detail-oriented, and organizes tasks sequentially. They are loyal team players and are often thought of as hardworking, reliable, and patient.  This style likes to make lists, and will sometimes write tasks on their completed "To Do" list, just so they can mark them off as ‘Done’.  This style is sensitive to the feelings of others; they are careful not to let the task become more important than the people working on the task.

C - or Conscientious

Someone who is a Conscientious style thinks very linear and analytical. They want "just the facts without the fluff," and have never met data they didn’t like.  They have a tendency to analyze almost anything that interests or affects them.  You may notice their conversations focus on in-depth descriptions of technical or task-related topics. There is little interest in small talk and may clearly indicate with body language that they are there to work not to socialize.