5 Productivity Tips: More Success by Being You

As a leader, it’s important how you treat everyone. But, how you treat yourself is equally important to your personal productivity and success. 

 If you’re notoriously hard on yourself – if you’re a ‘workaholic’ or an over- achiever – you could be getting in the way of your personal and professional success. Even worse, you may be endangering your health and safety

Healthier Attitudes = Higher Productivity = More Success

When comparing productivity and efficiency, you probably already know that productivity refers to quantity and efficiency refers to quality. Success relies heavily on the right combination of the two.

Increased productivity is a common goal in business, making highly productive members an asset in the workplace. That is… as long as those high-performing individuals are also capable of producing quality work.

A healthy attitude in the workplace promotes finding the right combination of productivity and efficiency to optimize output while minimizing losses. Anyone can achieve MORE with the right attitude, the right support, and a healthy desire to do their best. Each of us falls into one of four personal productivity styles. We have all four styles within us, but similar to whether we are left or right-handed, we have a strong preference. Rather than changing WHO you are…you can learn how to put your personality and leadership skills to work and realize more success just by being you.

5 Productivity Tips

  1. Implementing organizational and management policies that give workers more flexibility and control over their schedules.
  2. Providing training for supervisors on approaches to reducing stressful working conditions arising from personality conflicts.
  3. Providing skill-building interventions on stress reduction for all workers.
  4. Build a coaching culture that promotes leadership development and helps employees meet personal career.
  5. Being the best YOU possible. Accept yourself, be yourself, and practice being able to give yourself a break.

Brian Andreas offers this wisdom, “There are days I drop words of comfort on myself like falling rain & remember it is enough to be taken care of by myself.” As a leader – you should be able to recognize individual behaviors and make the most of those in the workforce. But what about your own behaviors and personality style?

The reality is that each of us has strengths as well as potential limitations. Learning how to work with your individual behavioral style – making the most of your personality strengths and using these to impact, influence, and inspire in the workplace will get you MORE of the successful results you desire, with much less stress.

If you’re wondering how much stress you’re actually dealing with on a daily basis, take this quick Workplace Stress Survey by Stress.org.

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