Executive Coaching

Why would leaders need a coach?

Leaders can deeply impact those around them. Their behavior, values, and presence set the tone for what’s possible. Their style impacts the performance of their team and ultimately the performance of every department within the organization.

Executive coaching produces both business results and the personal transformation that drives future success. It provides an opportunity for self-reflection and self-discovery and sets new patterns of thinking, behaving and resourcefulness. In turn this increases personal effectiveness as a leader.

Coaching is the mechanism that deepens understanding of the impact of presence. Meetings, hallway chats or client visits require high level communication skills to get the right message across at the right time…at every level.

Coaching focuses on the soft stuff. The "hard" business issues such as organization, strategy, and business objectives may come up in the process. Ultimate success lies in the more difficult work of shoring up, mitigating or leveraging soft skills, including the ability to gain commitment to a strategy, develop strong relationships, and communicate effectively.

Our  Process

Our coaching process is tailored to individual needs, challenges and objectives. Interviews with the stakeholder along with 360-degree feedback sessions allow for review of progress and effectiveness. We work together with the leader to set goals, identify measures of success, and provide tools to support development.

This includes:

  • Identify clear goals and measures of success.
  • Based on the goals, the client and coach identify areas of learning and create a plan.
  • Goals, measures of success, and the plan may be shared with a stakeholder for insights, feedback, and support to assist in assessing progress.
  • Coach, coachee, and stakeholder may meet again at the midpoint to review progress, and again near the end of the engagement.
  • Coaching programs may be extended, as desired.

Whether you are an executive who wants to expand your career opportunities or a leader who is ready to develop a stronger presence with your team and in your organization, contact us to get started.